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Coiler/De Coiler

Rmt Tools coiler is used for obtaining a compact coil of Hot rolled bars upto the size of 12 mm .The hot rolled condition of the compact coil makes it suitable for direct cold working with high ductility during elastic deformation and low energy demand for final forming.
The geometry assures smooth de-coiling during the downstream process.

Advantages of the Coiler are:

  1. Compactness with higher filling factor and good coil geometry
  2. Heavy coil weight
  3. Torsion-free coiling (no axial torsion and no residual internal stresses)
  4. High productivity, with the possibility of installing the system downstream of two rolling strands or slitting rolling mills.
  5. Higher material yield and productivity

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Re-Heating Furnance

We make Pusher Type Billet Reheating Furnace up to 50 Tones/hr. capacities. These furnaces are mostly used in Steel Rolling Mills.

Salient features

  1. Low fuel consumption of 0.3 x 106 K.Cal/tone.
  2. Burning losses are minimum (less than 1%).
  3. These furnaces are either oil fired or gas fired.
  4. Continuous availability of stock at the rated capacity.
  5. Capable of heating billets/ingots up to 200 mm sq. for top firing and up to 300 mm sq. for top and bottom firing furnaces.

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Reduction Gear Boxes

Reduction Gear Box is used to reduce an input speed to a slower output speed and more output torque. It is a wheel work consisting of a connected set of rotating gears by which power is transmitted or motion or torque is changed. We manufacture single stage, double stage or multistage gear boxes.


  1. Gear boxes designed as per ASTM/DIN/ Indian standards
  2. Designed to dampen vibrations
  3. Work efficiently at peak loads
  4. Single, double & multi stage
  5. Desired gear ratio
  6. Gears in DP system and module
  7. Forced, Splash & Spray Lubrication


    1. Steel fabricated body and housing
    2. Double oil seals.
    3. Spherical Roller Bearing.
    4. Heat dissipation window.
    5. Fully machined Shaft.
    6. Hardened & grinded gear for smooth run(forged EN-9, EN-19, EN-24 steel)
    7. Size range of 150mm PCD up to 750mm PCD.
    8. Speed of 50 RPM to 1500 RPM.
    9. All Shafts of material forged class-IV.
    10. Branded Heavy Duty Antifriction Spherical Roller Bearings are installed after thorough calculation
    11. Double Oil Seals complete with Internal & External Pipeline for lubrication of Gears & Bearings is provided
    12. Inspection window at various levels is provided for proper viewing of gears inside the gear box
    13. Flow indicator, temperature indicator and proper interlocking with mill is done
    14. Vent Pipes are provided for release of heat and oil from inside the Gear Box
    15. 72 Hour Non-stop trial of gear box is done on various speeds before dispatch

  1. Vibration, voice and lapping levels are thoroughly checked on trial before dispatch

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