Company History

Rmt Tools is a Mechanical/Hydraulic engineering company well organized and well equipped with modern equipment’s and is established to serve the Iron and Steel sector with more than 20 years experience in the respective field. Our Manufacturing facility is located in midst of one of the strongest manufacturing areas in India, Mandi Gobindgarh(Punjab).

We have been providing our customers with Turnkey solutions to setup Hot/Cold Steel Rolling Mill plants to various countries like India, Latin America including Peru, Africa, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc . We have a huge clientele who is ready to recommend us any time as we have a long and successful history of providing exceptional products and after sales service.

Quality Assurance

The unique design of Hot and Cold Steel Rolling Mill Plant and Equipments given by us helps you to produce diff items from one Plant just by changing one set of Rolls. Our products are up to the standards of ISO-9002 by using internationally specified materials/techniques.



At Rmt Tools, We have several inhouse manufacturing divisions and we employ strong expertise in Hot/Cold Steel Rolling related project and technology who has been working continuously since last two decades by putting their best efforts to bring innovation, enthusiasm and determination to all parts of the project by using its resources effectively , Mechanical engineering(its resources and Mechanical Engineering effectively). For requirements of national and international market, Rmt Tools designs and commissions all kind of turn-key projects related to rolling mill and melt shop with the equipment(and the equipments) are fabricated as per Rmt Tools plan.

Apart from the turn-key projects RMT is also engaged in manufacturing Rolling mill spare parts & Auxiliary Equipment’s in accordance with customers requirement and it generates the most suitable solution based upon the customer satisfaction and corresponding to industry’s conditions.

RMT submits more economical and technical applications with well-educated and experienced engineers about preparing and designing of rolling mill and melt shop projects as per Country Specific Standards of the Client.

Competitive Edge

We give our competitors an edge by putting extra efforts in intensive engineering, investment force in R&D field, machinery and technical support revamping engineering, consultancy services to current systems and keeping strict quality checks at various project phases starting from the procurement of the project after the drawings finalization till project commissioning. The everyday Goal of the company is to make a difference for our customers by respecting their wishes and we strive to deliver beyond their expectations.

Also we keep regular check with our customers even after successful commissioning of the project by sending our technicians to the project site for timely machinery inspection for smooth working.

We provide custom designs according to clients suitability and by consideration of practical solutions, latest technology and manufacturing on the national and international standards thus decreasing production costs and manpower focusing primarily on customer satisfaction. All kind of orders for rolling mills and melt shops are assessed, as well as engineering and supervisor services are presented to costumers around the world interesting in launching of revamping of iron and steel facilities.